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The Problem With Vote Blue No Matter Who

There is a creeping toxic mentality among my fellow Democrats. One that if we do not address seriously truly will fracture any amount of harmony we are striving for. No I am not referring to Bernie or Bust types, though noisy the midterm elections was enough for anyone with a brain to start realizing that their revolution is DOA. But what I am about to discuss in this write up will have some of their antics included because its the to shine a spotlight on how ignorant it is to “vote blue no matter who.”

Yeah I know, I’m poking a hornet’s nest, but I truly feel the need to address and clarify why this mentality bothers me. After 2016 many of us were shaken and scared. We knew we would be facing troubled times and worse. Some of us as I had pointed out in a thread on Twitter already had a ton of stuff we were already fighting for, such as BLM for me and fighting toxic patriarchy and environmental issues. So watching this madcap administration win the white house was rough, but it did not stop me from understanding that voting matters. But who I vote for matters to.

There are many factors in voting that people tend to ignore when driven by upset. I looked at many factors before writing this piece including how Red State Democrats have to tow the line. And the problematic issues of Gerrymandering in the Southern States and places like Ohio, Iowa, Indiana and even my new home state of Michigan. So when you read this understand I understand the difference between Democrats who tow a moderate line due to their constituents values and needs. Vs those who will vote blue even when they have a multitude of fine candidates to back. Because vetting is hard and too much work…

Even with devices that can literally link you up to a candidate and what they are about in seconds…
Can you feel why I am getting aggravated by the lack of true focus people are still giving politics after all we have and are still continuing to go through?
(Gov Elect Gretchen Whitmer, Adbul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar)
Here in Michigan we had some serious midterm run offs, I will use our Governor’s race as my prime example. The Democrats had a host of nominees primary, one of whom was Gretchen Whitmer our current Governor elect. She was running against Abdul El Sayed and Shri Thanedar in the primaries. Both men are considered Non black POC, El Sayed has vocalized as an open socialist candidate who donated heavily to conservative causes. While Mr Thanedar was accused of fraudulent and misleading representations of his company Avomeen Holdings LLC. It did not take more than a few clicks to find out this information on these men. Yet for a “vote blue no matter who type.” They would instantly believe they were gaining “ally points” by just casting in favor of these two because they have a D by their name and are considered POC.
I have a problem with that folks, and you should to. Because while the Democratic party is still for me the only party who is a viable road block to GOP fuckery. Anyone can literally join the party and run, even if their values do not mesh with the party’s core ones. Social media thankfully outed one guy who bragged about being an electoral college hold out for Trump, yet was virulently racist and misogynistic and tried to run as a Democrat. We have had politicians like Anthony (who hasn’t seen my) Weiner. Our party is flawed, but its not full on failed. And that is due to voters like myself who vet our candidates. Without such we will see a rise in shift of tone, and focus.
How do I know this? A little piece of history called the Southern Strategy. You see the Pre-1960s Democratic party was not a party I would have joined if I had been born then. We had some pretty messed up ties due to the South. It was not until Republicans decided to court the problematic people (IE Jim Crow supporters and KKK members) that there was a literal party ideology shift. With Trump eroding our democracy and global credibility on a daily basis. I forsee a lot of former proud GOP types who want to distance themselves from his ideology, yet still hold tightly to their conservative values making their way over to our party.
These folks are anti women’s reproductive rights, many of them hold anti LGBT equality rights. And view POC Black and Non as lesser Americans. They were A-okay with the conservative agenda dog whistles. But now with an ugly Orange Bullhorn they want to distance from the nasty. And believe me they are making their way towards our party. Look at men like Richard Painter, who has admitted he is still a conservative at heart, yet that did not stop him from thinking he should take the Democratic seat given up by Al Franken vs Tina Smith. And when called on it instead of denying the misogynistic tone his attempt made he double down and blocked folks for calling him out.
A Never Trump conservative who had no qualms running for a Democratic spot
Senator Elect poised to fill Al Franken’s vacant seat.


This is what we have to be wary of, and sadly it is rooted in an issue that would make this write up way too long. While political apathy is not a white people only issue, (lord knows there are plenty of apathetic POC I just want to shake at times…)The luxury of not fully investing in politics itself is rooted in white supremacy. The dumber we are towards who we elect, the more power we give to those only looking out to self enrich and embrace corruption. I wan’t folks to really start to think about the “Vote Blue No matter Who” mentality. And if you are not in a Red state where Democrats struggle, or in the South where attitudes can swing an election either way. Then you need to be fully checking out all the pros and cons your candidate of choice has to offer.

This is not about purity voting, and Red state folks you to have a responsibility, if you are not seeing a viable candidate BE THE VIABLE CANDIDATE. What I learned from these midterms are folks who did not think they had a chance before motivated to run. Women, LGBT, Non Christian Americans are finally stepping up their game. It is time for you to make the promise that if they do this in your Red state you will show up Blue. Because they need you, and they need you to vet them to.
There is no acceptable excuse in this day and age for uniformed voting. And even less for apathy. That is how we got Trump and I want him to be the last big mistake we make in American Politics.

Mom, activist, writer. I have a no nonsense world view and I am not afraid to share it.

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