Thank You

I spent the last few hours reading notification emails and seeing the outpouring of love and I appreciated it all. Greg as well has been making sure I am okay to. It has been rough I cannot shake the fears of what if I lose everything? But I will take the advice given to me by so many and appeal things. It just felt like everything hit at once, and I still feel down but I do not feel as low as I did the other day. This is because of seeing such encouragement from you all. I was truly feeling as if I did not matter and I still feel like a failure, but I am not gonna give up. Thank you to everyone who has been leaving messages and thank you to all who have donated I was not going to ask for such help because so many of you have done so before. It brought tears to my eyes because I truly worried that the last bit of funds I receive could only go to making sure we have a roof over our heads this winter. I was planning to tell kiddo that wed have to delay any holiday stuff and it was eating me up inside. I am overwhelmed by the generousness and caring being shown to me and I wanted to say thank you so much for having my back. I know I got to pull myself out of this funk and get things together, finish my book get some of my writing published and focus on that. I am going to try harder to get things done. And I promise you all due to the donations I will keep this site up and I will put more content on here. 

Thank you all so very much.  Love to you and please have a happy Holidays.




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