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What a Horrid Time To Be An American

I wonder if there ever was a good time to be American? Born as an “other” lowest in color and gender, I can’t remember any time I felt particularly good. But never before did I feel so much shame and depression being American. Watching this country devalue humanity, spray people seeking assylum with harmful gas. As I live in a country that kills unarmed black men and their killers get away with it. As another one of my people becomes a hashtag, im am weary, so weary of it all. Weve allowed hate to reign, allowed it to fully take control of our government. We have given it amplification, let it seep into our lives. Some condone it, just by being numb to it. Many of us live in fear of it, because we know what happens when a hate regime is in full swing. Those of us who are othered, be us POC, LGBT, Women will be the ones who suffer the hardest. It will be those of us who never had true value in this toxic white male patriarchy, that will be tortured and abused. Who will face unjust deaths because we allowed this toxic culture to go on far to long. I only hope that if we survive this fascism, that never again won’t just be a catchy saying.

We forgot the last the we allowed a historic rise of dictators, the loss the Earth had. Now we are going to see it again. It truly is a hortid time to be an American.

Mom, activist, writer. I have a no nonsense world view and I am not afraid to share it.

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