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Keeping My Head Up

Things had really gotten rough, I was too afraid to speak up for fear that folks see me as a failed human being. But after doing so, so may of you sent words of encouragement and help. It has really been a struggle, health problems, financial problems since the move. But all in all I feel the desire to keep going on, plugging away with the book has given me a goal and I know I can do this. I want to send a heart felt thanks to everyone who has thought of me these last few months and have sent love and light my way. I hope one day I am able to fully return that love and light to all of you. I have so many days where I feel like I do not deserve such kindness. But I am grateful and appreciate it all.


I am sitting here listening to Kurt Cobain sing, writing out the next plot point of Axiom and thinking about how fragile life is. But instead of letting it get me down, I feel an urge to protect and nurture it right now. I hope this feeling stays, I pray it doesn’t fade.


I plan to do more news like write ups soon its been awhile but I am sure the things I learned writing for gaming magazines will come in handy for the 2020 election season and beyond. Thank you for everyone who still comes to read this and I will have more content soon!

Mom, activist, writer. I have a no nonsense world view and I am not afraid to share it.

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